Re-purposed Trash as Seen at the Earth Day Celebration PDF Print E-mail

Things that otherwise might wind up in the landfill can be re-purposed with a little time and effort into interesting and useful items. Below are links with directions for three items you may have seen at The Mountaineers Earth Day Celebration

Old Tire Planter

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

T-shirt rag rug


What are some of your favorite re-purposed trash projects. E-mail us.


Conservation and Education in the Kitsap Branch PDF Print E-mail

Forest Cathedral

Kitsap is in a somewhat unique situation as we have The Mountaineers Foundation Rhododendron Preserve in our backyard. Because of our close connection the Conservation and Education Committee focuses largely on education programs; with a practically tailor made outdoor classroom/laboratory sitting right there begging to be used we'd be foolish not to make this our priority. We're very fortunate to have such an amazing resource literally in the heart of Kitsap County making it convenient for local schools.

The first program we created is one called Salmon Safaris. Essentially what this program does is to bring groups (typically classrooms) out to see salmon spawning in some natural streams that have not been heavily impacted by humanity. We've recently begun offering safaris in the spring when the fry are visible.

Our programs are driven by the concept of "Environmental Literacy" and we believe that we foster that best by getting people outside. We have seen that once we do get them out there they love it. We participate in National Trails Day and work on some local close in trail because we want people to remember that there is nature in their own back yards it isn't just some back country place that only the truly fit can access.


We have good relationships with the other conservation groups around us. Our attitude is that we're all working for the same basic goals so we should support each other wherever and whenever we can. This is an attitude shared by the other groups.