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Chair: Chrisitine Grenier, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , (360) 536-1640

Backpacking Committee Meetings:
Contact Backpacking Chairman for location and time.

Backpacking Trip Signup PDF Print E-mail

Members and Guests: How to find scheduled activities and sign up online.

Click the following link to view the currently scheduled Kitsap Mountaineers backpacking activities.  Guests may register to attend up to two Mountaineers activities at no charge to introduce you to what we have to offer.

Search Kitsap Mountaineers Backpacking Activities

To register for an activity, first log in to the Mountaineers site and then select the activity.  On the activity page start the registration process for that activity by clicking the Register button.


Backpacking Difficulty levels PDF Print E-mail

(W) Walks: Short distance, social paced, for everyone including families with children and Mountaineers who have been slowed by time.
(E) Easy: Up to 8 miles R/T; up to 1200' elevation gain.
(M) Moderate: 6-12 miles; 1200'-2500' gain.
(S) Strenuous: 10-14 miles up to 3500' gain.
(VS) Very Strenuous: over 14 miles and/or more than 3500' gain.

Pace of the trip is defined as:
(1) Leisurely pace: The slowest pace trips.
(2) Social pace: Less than 2 miles per hour. Suitable for conversation and observation.
(3) Normal pace: Approximately 2 miles per hour.
(4) Fast pace: Greater than 2 miles per hour.

Carpooling, Cross Sound Transportation & The Meeting Places PDF Print E-mail

Northern Olympic Peninsula backpacking trips initially meet at the Park-n-Ride at the Poulsbo Church of the Nazarene, 22097 Viking Way NW, Poulsbo, WA. It is on Viking Way, north of Hwy 305, adjacent to the Washington State Patrol office (talk about secure parking!)
Southern Olympic Peninsula backpacking trips meet at the Bremerton National Airport.
Port Townsend members anticipate meeting at Fat Smitty's in Discovery Bay.
Kitsap recommends taking the Kingston Ferry when coming from the mainland.

For driver/passenger planning purposes, the one way distance from Poulsbo Church of the Nazarene to: Heart of the Hills Ranger Station, Heather Park, and Lake Angles trailheads is 63 miles. Hurricane Ridge Parking Lot is 75 miles. Camp Handy Trailhead is 59 miles. Tubal Cain Trailhead is 61 miles. Silver Lakes Trailhead is 62 miles.

Backpacker Responsibility PDF Print E-mail

Any person who participates in a backpacking trip with the Kitsap Mountaineers is expected to assume and fulfill the following responsibilities.

Required equipment: 10 essentials, adequate clothing and adequate foot wear.

The hiker should:
1. Be adequately prepared for the backpacking trip. This includes having the above required equipment that is appropriate for the weather and the location.
2. Be in physical condition adequate for the backpacking trip.
3. Be a responsible group member and abide by the decisions of the leader or consensus of the group.
4. Be a responsible carpooler by being prepared to pay 5-8 cents per mile to the driver.
5. Follow correct procedures for trip registration, canceling and wait-listing.
6. Have a signed waiver before proceeding on a backpacking trip.

As a courtesy to those new to The Mountaineers we offer the following:
1. Trip leaders know the route and oversee the group. Leaders, in conjunction with a MOFA leader when present, are also responsible for managing the smooth exit of the group in the unlikely event of an emergency.
2. Backpacking participants are expected to behave in a safe and responsible manner and be adequately prepared for the trip. Those who are not adequately equipped for the trip may, at the leader's discretion, be sent home for the sake of safety. So please, don't forget your 10 essentials.
3. Each guest backpacking participant must have a signed waiver on file. Waivers may be filed electronically during online registration or filed by email to the backpacking leader before the trip.
4. Often, a post trip gathering will be planned at a convenient restaurant.

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