Washington Mountaineers Purpose and Mission PDF Print E-mail

The Washington Mountaineer's charter lists its purposes as follows:

--To explore and study the mountains, forests and water courses of the Northwest and beyond
--To gather into permanent form the history and traditions of these regions and explorations
--To preserve by example, teaching and the encouragement of protective legislation or otherwise the natural beauty of the natural environment
--To make expeditions and provide educational opportunities in fulfillment of the above purposes
--To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among all lovers of outdoor life
--To hold real estate and personal property and to receive, hire, purchase, occupy, and mantain and manage suitable buildings and quarters for the furtherance of the purposes of the association, and to hold in trust or otherwise funds, received by bequest or gift or otherwise, to be devoted to the purposes of said association.

The club's mission is to be the premier Northwest outdoor recreation club, dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and protection of natural areas.

If you wish to join the Mountaineers, or find information regarding joining the Mountaineers, click here to go to www.mountaineers.org